Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It’s Not About Blood Sugar

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The pharmaceutical companies are playing a dangerous game with your life.

If you have diabetes, then you’ll be shocked to discover an important study published on blood sugar by The New England Journal of Medicine. It exposes the ugly truth lurking in the halls of hospitals and doctor’s offices everywhere.

Reverse Diabetes

Lowering your blood sugar level to battle the disease can actually make you much worse – even kill you.

10,000 diabetics were studied…in addition to looking into the “Big Pharma” treatments that lower blood sugar levels, the patients were also checked for the risks of heart attack, stroke, and even death.

What they found was astonishing – patients who used the treatment and pushed their blood sugar levels to the lowest, were more likely to die.

Smartly, the researchers pulled the plug. While the blood sugar levels were dropping – so were their patients…like flies.

Forget doctors – even the American Diabetes Association pushes insulin treatments on diabetics every day.

Reverse Diabetes

You may be surprised to discover that the real problem is not the symptoms of diabetes – the problem is the constant rise and fall of insulin as your body tries to deal with the sugar naturally. But the more sugar the more insulin…as your body desensitizes to the amount of insulin, it produces more to compensate. This is the vicious circle and it’s very dangerous. Eventually, there can be no amount of natural insulin produced to lower blood sugar…that’s when you need a boost – from Big Pharma.

Question – what do typical pharmaceutical treatments do?

If you said boost insulin levels then you are absolutely right. See the problem this causes?

Not enough insulin? Here’s more…and more…and more…

Big mistake.

The only way to effectively beat and reverse diabetes is to restore the natural balance between your body and your pancreas.

And you can do that naturally – here’s how:

- Drop the chips and run away…processed foods are the best way to keep your body at war with insulin – each trying to one up the other in battle. So stay away from junk food – cookies, chips, fried food – basically anything to eat that you’d have to reach into a bag or box to get. These foods feed your diabetes and keep it working against you. Plus those foods are loaded with preservatives…so it can sit on the shelf forever and the companies don’t lose money on spoiled goods!

- Treat yourself to some lean, organic protein…meats from animals that are free-range, line-caught wild fish, and organ meats are ideal for diabetics. The idea here is to stay away from the amount of additions to the animal’s diet that in turn adds to yours.

- Good fat? Yes. For optimal health, better make sure you’re eating the right kind of fats – Line-caught wild salmon, extra virgin olive oil, raw almonds (no salt), avocado and egg yolks.

- Processed carbs – bad. Fruit and vegetable carbs – very good. Just like mom used to say – eat your fruits and veggies…you may not know it but your carbohydrate intake should come solely from fruits and vegetables. Plus the skins of the fruits are an excellent source of fiber. Steer clear of breads, starch, or any processed carbs.

There’s a stigma about diabetes (created by the life-long reliance on Big Pharma treatments, mind you) that it’s a disease for life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have type-2 diabetes, great news – it can be safely and naturally reversed with a simple lifestyle change – the 4 steps above are a great start …but there are many more secrets to your body’s war with diabetes and living a long healthy life…without shooting more and more insulin as your body becomes less and less sensitive to its effects…and without risking death – like the poor folks in the study group.

You can find all the right foods to eat, and all the right lifestyle changes right here – in a one-of-a-kind report called The Diabetes Reversal Report.

You’ve heard that the body is capable of healing itself? Well this report shows you how to tweak that ability by feeding the cells just what they need to go in and get the job done. And the plan is so easy to follow a toddler could do it.

You want to treat diabetes or succumb to it? Click here to get your copy of The Diabetes Reversal Report right now.

How can you expect a positive change to start tomorrow, if you do nothing about it today?

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