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You Can Be Healthy Even If You Are Affected By Diabetes

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If a family member is affected by diabetes, the entire family undergoes stress due to that. There is no permanent cure for diabetes but, by taking a few highly important steps, you can keep the problem under control. The problem is if you do not take these steps, it may lead to several other complications like heart diseases, kidney problems, etc. Eyes, skin and teeth are also affected by diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes. In type I diabetes, patients should be administered insulin because the body does not produce insulin or produces much less of it. If sufficient insulin is not there, the glucose that enters your body through the food you eat does not get into the body cells but rather mixes with the blood. This type of diabetes is not a common one. Mostly, it starts affecting from a young age.

In general, obese and overweight people are affected by type II diabetes when they cross the age of 40. We can not say that the pancreas of these people do not produce insulin at all in this type of diabetes. But, insulin is not produced in sufficient quantities. There are cases in which though the pancreas produce enough amount of insulin, the body cells may not be receptive. This happens when the insulin receptors of the body cells are damaged.

-The main thing in diabetes is that the blood sugar should be maintained at the desired levels. It is also necessary that these diabetes-affected people should maintain normal blood pressure. Only regular and mild exercises will help to maintain these levels. When you exercise, the cardiovascular system starts working with more vigor and so, blood circulation becomes normal. Since you use up your energy, the calories of your body are expended, thus reducing the glucose levels in the blood. If you do your exercises in the early morning hours, you will get the benefit of fresh air and fresh ozone that are present in the atmosphere during those hours. But, you should not commit the mistake of over-doing your exercises.

- You should also be careful to eat only foods that contain good nutrition and not those foods that may increase your blood glucose levels or blood pressure. It is better you consult your doctor and dietitian and plan a good diet regimen that suits you. The physician may suggest some nutrition supplements also to suit your body. Of course, you should take regular medications for keeping your diabetes under control.
- In general, doctors advise that you should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, very importantly green leafy ones and foods that are made of unrefined grains. These diets will not increase your body fat and hence will help you to control your diabetes.

- It is absolutely necessary that you should drink a lot of water. It has been proved by researches that when your bladder is full, you are less susceptible to be affected by infections.
- You must expose yourself to sunlight sufficiently because sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D. This should also be done within limits because excessive exposure to sun's UV rays may cause wrinkles and other skin complications.
- You should have a good rest and sleep and according to experts, diabetes-affected people should sleep one hour more than the normal people. 8 to 9 hours of sleep is advised for these people.
If you adopt these steps, you are sure to keep your diabetes under control so that you can lead a happy and healthy life.

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