Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Natural Cure For Diabetes

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According to an estimate, about 285 million people will suffer through diabetes in 2010. Such is the extent of increase in diabetic patients, all over the world. For those who have only heard the name, diabetes is a growing disease that is marked by high glucose levels in the blood, effecting the production of insulin in the body. As a result diabetics often have to have a blood test every week, so as to monitor the insulin level in the blood. One of the allopathic ways of curing Diabetes is to take insulin shots regularly, but this method becomes painful and difficult to carry out.

There are majorly 2 kinds of diabetes.

1. Insulin-dependent or Juvenile diabetes

This type of Diabetes is mostly found in children. Symptoms for juvenile diabetes in children are:

2. Non-dependent Diabetes: This type of diabetes is even more serious than the dependent type. The reason why this particular type is regarded more serious is because in non-dependent diabetes, patient's body is able to produce the insulin but it isn't able to process it appropriately. Most often, non-dependent diabetes occur in adults and the worst part is that it grows gradually. Due to slow growth, it is detected very late in most patients, and thus becomes even more difficult to cure. One of the major reasons for its occurrence is excessive use of sugar in diet. Symptoms of this type are loss of weight, thirst, hunger, excessive urination.

Just where diabetes is a complex disease, it does not go uncured. In fact, the cure is very simple and is what most people can get very easily. Contrary to the more expensive form of cure, many people have found a very reasonable medication for diabetes, through healthy diet.

If you wish to get rid of diabetes, or at least control it to a minimum level, then you don't have to necessarily opt any expensive method or go through the painstaking insulin shots. Rather, there's a very simple way to cure it through natural and healthy food.

Following are the 3 simple measures, you need to take:


Diabetics must intake balanced diet, having 60% carbohydrates of the total meal calories. Diet must also include steamed vegetables cooked in olive oil.


The next best thing for diabetics is to go for a Mediterranean diet. Also, add low-fat yogurt to your diet plan that will fulfil your protein requirement. Remember, you are being asked to have a low-fat yogurt, and not any of those flavoured, sugary and fruity yogurts. They will only add to the problem.


Once you have planned to have a diet control for curing diabetes in a natural way, the last thing required is consultation with your physician. Before kicking off the plan, take your diet chart to your physician and explain him carefully about the natural way of curing diabetes through healthy food. Let him know about your work plan and take his recommendations seriously.

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