Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home-based test that pinpoints the ROOT CAUSE of Diabetes

A miraculous technique
Dear Reader,

This is a remarkable story about a unique, home-based test that pinpoints the ROOT CAUSE of Diabetes in your biochemistry--a process originally used by a team of bio-engineers at NASA to test the health of astronauts -- and regarded by the medical community as "A Genuine Medical Breakthrough".   

It's the story of how Diabetics have dramatically changed their lives, and why their doctors have 'missed the mark' by prescribing dangerous, costly drugs and restrictive diets without knowing the SOURCE of their Diabetes. 
Used by CEO's, celebrities and athletes, The MAP's robust evaluation process looks into your biochemistry and identifies -- then repairs -- the primary imbalance at the source of your Diabetes.
Here's to your health,
Dr. Richard DiCenso
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