Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Doctors Are Totally Off Course With Treating Diabetes

A miraculous technique

A Simple ‘At-Home” Test Reveals How Doctors are Totally Off-Course with Treating Diabetes click here

This story is absolutely remarkable!

It's the story about a very unique, home-based evaluation process that isolates the ROOT CAUSE of your Diabetes; and has been regarded by the medical and scientific community as...

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It's the TRUE story of how the lives of thousands of Diabetics have dramatically changed because they now know why they feel the way they do; and why their doctors have 'missed the mark' by prescribing costly prescription drugs--many with dangerous side effects, and restrictive diets.

It's a truly remarkable solution originally developed years ago by bio-engineers at NASA trying to identify and eliminate low-grade symptoms in astronauts while in space. The Matrix Assessment Profile (The MAP) now does the same thing -- right from your own home --for sufferers of chronic, unresolved symptoms like Diabetes.

For many, The MAP has reversed what was once thought to be an irreversible condition that required a lifetime of insulin injection, restrictive diets and constant monitoring.

Considered a "Miraculous Technique" once limited only to patients near approved testing facilities, The MAP has been used by CEO's, celebrities, professional and athletes and is now finally available for worldwide distribution.
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The MAP gets its might from two proprietary, interdependent technologies: First, a highly-specialized 'quantum fluid analyzer' uses small samples of saliva and urine ONLY to predict --within 1% accuracy--blood findings (no needles or finger pricks). This allows The MAP to pull back your "biological red-curtain" and precisely pinpoint the primary imbalance causing your Diabetes--something conventional doctors just don't do.

Once armed with your test results--delivered to you in colorful charts and graphs--The MAP uses its biological know-how to configure a 3 phase, 12 week ROADMAP - a set of customized recommendations--to target and strengthen the primary imbalance causing your symptoms.

These two powerful processes make The MAP a viable alternative to costly, conventional lab work, often-unreliable diagnostics and pharmaceutical-driven treatment programs that never get to the root cause of why have Diabetes. And, it's at the heart of why the majority of patients who experience The MAP report a complete normalization of their insulin levels within 3 months.

Here's to your health,

Dr. Richard DiCenso
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