Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Recipe Miracle, And 500 Fat Burning Recipes!

This is not specifically geared for diabetics, but, it sure fits into the diabetic lifestyle. 

Here is a link to a very special Thanksgiving Recipe Book as a Free Bonus to our 500 Delicious Fat Burning Recipe Book.

This special bonus will only be available until Midnight on November 27th,

so make sure you get this out to your audience ASAP!

Here is what you get:  In Addition to 500 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes, Chad has created his Thanksgiving Recipe Book…

As a Special Bonus, Chad will show you how to cook Healthier versionsof the same delicious foods at a fraction of the cost and NONE of the guilt!
However, this special Thanksgiving Recipe Book will only be available until Midnight, November 27th!

If you’re like the rest of us, you just want to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without the stress or worry of how much fat, sugar, or calories you’re consuming. But as someone who’s health-conscious and cares about how you look and feel, you also want to make wise choices so that you don’t totally sabotage your progress, or your health.

This is why Chad Tackett has created The Thanksgiving Recipe Miracle – so you can strike a balance between foods that are healthy, so you get the results you want … AND delicious, so you can truly relax and enjoy this meal with friends and family.

He’s taken all the most popular, traditional Thanksgiving food items – that are normally loaded with fat, sugar, and calories – and transformed them into much healthier versions… without sacrificing taste. You will love these recipes and feel good afterwards, rather than feeling stuffed, lethargic, and full of guilt.

Each of these recipes serves eight people and goes great with an oven-roasted, high-protein turkey. And you can feel assured, they follow his 4-point criteria...

Healthy and effective for fat loss
Quick and easy to make
Free of any hard-to-find or expensive ingredients
Absolutely delicious


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