Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Burning Calories With Exercise For Diabetics Is Imperative

Well, I hope your New Year has so far been good to you.  Also, that you have been able to stick to whatever resolutions you may have made.

You need to find new ways that you can get physical, get active.  Physical activity is

necessary especially if you have diabetes.

Exercise helps your blood glucose readings stay down.  I am proof of that.  I couldn't figure out why, for about 4 days my glucose readings were so high.  And then a friend enlightened me.  We had a horrific ice / snow storm and I was not able for those days to go out and do my normal 1-2 hours of walking.  So, now that I could restart that, I am back to my normal levels.  So proof to me.  Exercise helps manage diabetes.  Walking or hiking is a great way to burn those calories.

Of course, exercise helps in weight loss, a bonus for a diabetic.  And, it is a great way to de-stress yourself, another bonus.

Exercise does not mean marathons, or hours at the gym. Here are some tips for you:

Start in little bits:  Every 10 minutes a day will make a difference.  It's a start!  That's what counts.  If you don't start, you will not progress.

Try and figure out what can you do around the house?  Such as dancing, or walking around when you are on the phone.  Become creative, there are many ways to become more active.

Here are ways you can burn 100 calories. Check it out on the Diabetes Organization website.

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